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Welcome to ekab.com.bd

Ekab is one of the best online marketplaces in Bangladesh, where everything is available in your daily necessities. From household goods to sports stuff, everything is here at your convenient price range. We provide ultimate customer service at the minimum time and at minimum cost.

We also created a platform for entrepreneurs who want to develop them but are not getting proper platforms. We believe in customer satisfaction and are working for that. In recent times of technology, we are here with the most advanced platform with all the authentic products that will make you feel supremacy and will save you and your time.

Our Story

Ekab.com.bd is a platform that is not a result of overnight. It costs a lot to reach this place. We started our journey around two years back and obviously with the zero. We decided to make a marketplace where both customers and entrepreneurs will meet. With that motto, we started our journey and today, we are successful in our dream. Ekab.com.bd is a name of belief nowadays. Customers can easily rely on it and we had to earn it. Today ekab.com.bd is one of the leading online marketplaces in Bangladesh with thousands of customers and sellers.

People are getting close to us day by day and we are working on it. We try to ensure the safest delivery of the products, maximum transaction security, quality products, etc.

For the seller, ekab.com.bd is a great opportunity to utilize their potentiality. They are getting a readily available market with huge customers. So, this is a huge opportunity, indeed.

Our Team Member ekab.com.bd has a bunch of great teammates. They all are assigned a particular role and they are perfect for that. With proper dedication, our teammates are always available to provide the ultimate service. Our helpline is always open. Feel free to contact our team. They are always available to help you. Our teammates are the strength of our mission.

Kaylee Fritz

Operations Manager

Jayla Campbell


Fisher Garrison

Marketing Manager

Al Amin Mun

Website Developer

Take Your Business To The Next Level ekab.com.bd is not a marketplace only for the people who are purchasing from here. This is also for people who want to do business but are not getting appropriate places to show products. We have a huge opportunity for those people. You will get thousands of active customers available here that can change your luck. Contact us for more information.